FinSA Information

Last Updated: 18 November 2021

Swiss Financial Services Act (“FinSA”)
Information for Clients of B&I Capital AG

On January 01, 2020, the Financial Services Act came into force in Switzerland. The primary purpose of FinSA is to strengthen client protection. With this information B&I Capital AG fulfils its regulatory duty under FinSA to provide its clients with the following information:

1. Information on B&I Capital AG

B&I Capital AG, with its registered office in Zurich, is authorised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (“FINMA”) as a manager of collective assets pursuant to article 24 et. seq. of the Federal Act on Financial Institutions (FinIA).

If you would like to contact us, our contact details are as follows:

B&I Capital AG
Talacker 35
8001 Zurich

The address of FINMA is as follows:

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA
Laupenstrasse 27
3003 Bern

2. Financial Services

B&I Capital AG provides the following financial services as defined under the Swiss FinSA:

  • Administration of Financial Instruments (portfolio management), and
  • Acquisition and Disposal of Financial Instruments, in the context of the offering of units of collective investment schemes. Such service does not constitute a personal recommendation (investment advice).

3. Ombudsman

The satisfaction of its clients is of highest importance to B&I Capital AG. Please immediately contact us in case of any issues and we will try to find a solution that meets your expectations. Should we still be unable to resolve the issue, in accordance with FinSA, the clients of B&I Capital AG have the possibility of initiating mediation proceedings before a recognised ombudsman. The proceedings before the ombudsman are impartial and inexpensive or free of charge for the client. You can contact our ombudsman as follows:

Finanzombudsstelle Schweiz (FINOS)
Talstrasse 20
8001 Zurich

4. Information on General Risks Associated with Financial Instruments

For information on risks related with transactions with financial instruments please refer to the brochure “Risks involved in Trading Financial Instruments” issued by the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA).

5. Information on Costs and Risks Associated with our Funds

For information on costs and risks incurred in connection with our funds please refer to the respective KIID or prospectus available at


This information is provided for information and regulatory purposes only. This information will be updated from time to time.