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We give investors a means to replicate the risk-adjusted returns of multi-class Commercial Real Estate ownership, predominantly via the REIT market.

about who we are
Who we are

B&I Capital is headquartered in Zurich and is a fully regulated Asset Manager under the Swiss FINMA. We also hold a CMS license for accredited investors under the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Our focus is on institutional clients and our services and products are built around the following principles:

  • Investing in listed real estate with focus on commercial
  • Focusing on long-term and risk-controlled investment strategies
  • Providing superb client service
  • Investing personally on the same terms as our clients

Our History

B&I Capital was founded in Zurich in 2007 by its two managing partners and owners, Charles Isaac and Christian Bernasconi. AUM at launch was USD 30m, this has grown by a CAGR in excess of 30% pa.

After successfully managing through the financial crisis, B&I Capital opened an office in Singapore in 2010, enabling better access to companies and further improving research.

In 2013, the Singapore office received a CMS license for accredited investors from Monetary Authority of Singapore. Then in 2014, we became a fully regulated Asset Manager under the Swiss FINMA.

To further expand our REIT offering, in 2015 we launched a global REIT fund and, in 2020, a US-dedicated REIT mandate for an institutional client. We have continued to strengthened our global research capability with additional highly experienced colleagues.

We currently manage four separate funds, with hedged currency share classes where required, and four mandates for institutional clients. All products focus on listed equity REITs but with different characteristics depending on clients’ needs.

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The Board

christian camenzind

Dr. Christian Camenzind

Chairman, Independent Non-Executive

charles isaac

Charles Isaac

Vice Chairman, Executive

markus duerr

Dr. Markus Dürr

Member of the Board, Independent Non-Executive

Our Team

christian bernasconi

Christian Bernasconi

Fund Manager, Partner

charles isaac

Charles Isaac

Fund Manager, Partner

sanjay jhaveri

Sanjay Jhaveri

Senior Analyst - US & Europe

andre von rohr

André von Rohr

Senior Analyst - Europe & US

matthew schmidt

Matthew Schmidt

Senior Analyst - Asia

tian li woon

Tian Li Woon

Analyst - Asia

tomas hlavaty

Tomáš Hlavatý

Sustainability & Data Analyst

desmond lim

Desmond Lim

Head of Execution - Asia

manuel zahn

Manuel Zahn

Trading Execution - Europe & US

goetz druschke

Götz-Bodo Druschke

Client Relationship Manager

Caspar Lagler

Caspar Lagler

Chief Operating Officer

marion koch

Marion Koch

Compliance & Legal Officer

Marios Garganourakis

Dr. Marios Garganourakis

Chief Risk Officer

aldo tobler

Aldo Tobler

Information Technology

peter hirt

Peter Hirt

Operative Compliance Officer

Simone Faija

Simone Faija

Operations Officer

Haireena Othman

Haireena Othman

Office Manager & Compliance

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B&I Capital offers products for qualified, institutional investors that enable investment in real estate, mainly through REITs.

For further information on how we can assist you or to learn more about our funds please