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Global Real Estate Roundtable in Zurich

In collaboration with the real estate associations Nareit and EPRA, B&I Capital organised a joint event in Zurich on 8th November which was well attended by over 20 real estate investors.

EPRA Nareit

The presentation based on research from EPRA and NAREIT provided a perspective on investments in listed real estate globally and their impact on portfolio returns and risk.

Key topics and themes of the event included:

  • How REITs provide investors with the opportunity to achieve broad portfolio diversification by property type, including access to new economy sectors such as Towers and Data Center REITs in a cost-effective way
  • REITs have proven to be strong long-term contributors to mixed asset pension investment portfolios based on research in both regions
  • Listed real estate is well positioned to face the inflationary environment trends
  • European listed real estate shares trade at a record discount to net asset value which in the past offered significant opportunities to investors

"Nareit appreciated B&I Capital’s and EPRA’s invitation to participate in the Global listed real estate roundtable with institutional investors in Zurich.  This event provided an excellent forum to discuss how using global listed real estate may be used by conjunction with private real estate to diversify real estate allocations."
Kurt Walten, Senior Vice President, Investment Affairs & Investor Education for Nareit

Kurt Walten Presentation

"EPRA was delighted to take part at the Global listed real estate roundtable discussion in Zürich. It was an efficient platform to communicate significant benefits of European listed real estate investments to a seasoned pool of Swiss institutional investors. We offer thanks to B&I Capital for the opportunity to present at this event and our sister association Nareit, for their insights and continued collaboration."
Serkan Erol, European Investor Outreach Manager for EPRA

Serkan Erol Presentation


André von Rohr Presentation