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Masarang Foundation Presentation

B&I Capital was pleased to organize an event in Zurich where Willie Smits presented the works of Masarang Foundation in Indonesia.


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The Masarang Foundation spearheads multiple conservation and reforestation projects mostly on the Indonesian islands of Sulawesi and Borneo. Willie Smits and his team found considerable drawbacks from the conventional forestry methods where only either short- or long-rotation tree species are planted. To improve on this, they plant and nurture a mix of plants that brings significantly better results to the entire ecosystem as well as reintroducing wildlife, including orangutans, from their rescue centres.

Masarang Foundation also deploys advanced technologies, such as LIDAR and drone imagery, in the projects to gain scientific data which helps with the decision-making process as well as give accurate readings of carbon sequestration. Furthermore, Willie Smits works closely with the local communities to improve their livelihoods and income as an integral part of the process.

B&I Capital has been supporting Masarang Foundation since 2019 and believes strongly in its genuinely positive impact. We encourage you to find out more about the works of Masarang Foundation by downloading and reading the presentation and to get involved in the cause.